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Gate.UPM is your gateway to UPM IT Services. The gateway allows you to connect and launch selected applications remotely from UPM. Please refer to your Gate.UPM guideline for system requirements and user instructions.

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UPM-Kymmene Corporation and its subsidiaries computer systems are for the use of UPM personnel and authorized partners for job-related purposes only. All information herein is the property of UPM. Authorized UPM employees have the right to monitor these systems and information at any time.

In case of Gate.UPM related problems, please contact IT Service Desk at

Tel. +358 2041 46000 (Finnish)

Tel. +358 9 876 6600 (English, Finnish, German, French and Russian) 

Tel. +1 630 922 8650 (Option for users in the Americas)

Tel. +86 512 5229 5119 Ext. 3196 (Mandarin)